Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Chicest Show On Earth

Editorial: The Chicest Show On Earth
Models: Jessica Stam and Gabriel Aubrey
Photographer: Laspata DeCaro

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Friday, April 11, 2008

The Ringmaster

I've always loved Ringmasters. Who doesn't want to wear a top hat and run a three ring circus? But I never really thought about the origins of the ringmaster's outfit. I've always thought it looked like a cross between a riding outfit and something a bandleader would wear. A quick Wikipedia search and some cross-referencing proves I'm somewhat correct:

The ringmaster's outfit was designed to resemble a gentlemen's 18th century riding habit. It is said that ringleader George Claude Lockhart first adopted the look on the orders of British circus owner Bertram Mills, when Lockhart worked for Mills' circus at Olympia, London in 1924. His outfit included "pink" (scarlet) huntsmen tails, a black hat, white shirt and gloves, which has now become the look for the stereotypical ringmaster. A whip is still a standard part of the uniform, leftover from when ringmaster's would lead equestrian acts.

Below are some images of 18th century riding habits, as well as the ringmaster outfit in various forms. I tried to find some images of a man wearing a riding habit, but they are extraordinarily hard to find!

18th century riding habits

Ringmaster George Claude Lockhart and his signature cigar

Ringmaster Charlie Baxter from TV show "7's Circus"

A ringleader costume

Artist's take on the Ringmaster

Bandleader outfits as worn by band My Chemical Romance

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Circus on the Runway

I love runway fashion, and these circus inspired outfits are no exception.

Dior Fall 07 Couture Collection

Gareth Pugh Fall 06 Ready To Wear

I have no idea how the Gareth Pugh outfit could be Ready To Wear, but there you have it.


Goldfrapp [Official Website] [Amazon]

Goldfrapp's fourth studio album, 'Seventh Tree' was released on February 26th 2008. It's quite different from their last album, 'Supernature' which was a disco-dance album with a good heaping of glitter. 'Seventh Tree' is a return to their roots (somewhat like 'Felt Mountain'), with a slower feel to it but keeping the cool electronic sound they are known for.

There are two tracks in particular that are circus tinged - the first being "Clowns" [Lyrics], a sad, melodic song, with lush strings, and the second being "Caravan Girl" [Lyrics], a fun, piano-driven song about running away to the circus.

If you like these songs the rest of the album is definetly worth a listen.